Multifamily Building Maintenance

Maintenance is a constant challenge in multifamily buildings. They often use complex systems, such as central boilers, chillers, cooling towers, and rooftop package HVAC systems for heating, cooling, and ventilation. However, building budgets rarely provide adequate salary levels for highly trained and experienced maintenance staff. In addition, building technical documentation can be sparse, confusing, or lost over time.

As a result, buildings are often operated at sub-optimal conditions that result in both high energy costs and high maintenance costs. Expensive equipment failures are frequently the result of simple preventive maintenance tasks that were skipped because the staff wasn't aware they were necessary.

Bone Energy Services can provide both long term and short term assistance by providing:

  1. Customized Operation & Maintenance Manuals that explain:
    • The theory of operation of building systems, including how various components are intended to work together.
    • The appropriate set points for control systems.
    • Step-by-step procedures for essential maintenance tasks.
  2. Preventive Maintenance Schedules
  3. Training of Maintenance Staff

Click on the image below to see a sample of an Operation and Maintenance Manual created by Bone Energy Services: