Energy Accounting

The range of energy consumption in buildings varies widely, even among those managed by the same company or municipality in the same region. Bone Energy Services can help with the first step: ranking the properties based on the potential for meaningful improvement:

  • High Consumption and Cost (per accounting records)
  • Management-Paid Utilities
  • Tenant Retention Issues

The complexity of gathering and analyzing utility data can vary considerably. For an organization with a small number of buildings, the data can often be assessed using simple spreadsheet analysis. However, situations that include a large number of buildings and meters, along with a variety of different rate structures, call for the use of specialized energy accounting software. Bone Energy Services can help you identify and implement the best solution for your specific scenario.

One no-cost solution that meets the needs of some organizations is the EnergyStar Portfolio Manager:

Other organizations may be better served by a more feature-rich subscription-based solution, such as Energy CAP:


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Energy Solutions for Residential & Commercial Buildings

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